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Mid-Atlantic were very wonderful people to work with. I had them repair the basement and put in a sump pump. They did exactly what they said they would do and within budget. The installation team drew it out and explained exactly everything they were going to do. They cleaned it thoroughly before they left. They did an excellent job and I would recommend them to anyone that needs that type of service.

– Forest G.
Sterling, VA

The work was performed in a professional and efficient manner. I woud recommend the company.

– Ayanna K.
Philadelphia, PA

Experience is above average. They worked fast and they cleaned up after themselves.

– Debby M.
Meadville, PA

My basement had been leaking for the last 17 years. I decided to contact Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to have my basement waterproofed. They installed two pump pumps and sump systems. Their sales rep and installation team were excellent and very professional. My basement doesn’t leak anymore.

– John K.
Bridgewater, NJ

Mid-Atlantic did a beautiful job. I’ve never had any kind of heavy duty waterproofing done before so the realtor checked it for me and it was done throughly. It was lovely and the work is just excellent. Everything was left well and I’m pleased. It was a very nice experience. I definitely recommend Mid-Atlantic to anybody.

– Rosemarie A.
Baltimore, MD

We had Mid-Atlantic put a pump in and laid down underneath. The guys did a terrific job because there was only two feet of space to work with and the guys down there did an awesome job. It was pretty good right from the beginning. When they finished, it was great, exactly what it’s supposed to be.

– John R.
Dover, PA
Sales – excellent
Punctuality – excellent
Service – excellent
Response to installation problem  – broken water pipe – excellent
Followup – excellent
Overall – excellent.  Would recommend your organization to any of my friends who could use your services.

– Jack B.
Drexel Hill, PA

I want to thank the team that tackled my basement last year from Mid Atlantic Water-Proofing Service. We have a three story attached twin and it is a very old house. The sales rep was professional and explain what was involved in the water proofing process. He provided a clear estimate of the cost, explained how the crew would do the job and about how long it would take. The crew were prompt in arriving to tackle the job every day and cleaned up any tracks of debris from that day. I appreciated their great work and am proud that Mid Atlantic did a terrific job.

– Ronald B.
Philadelphia, PA

It was quite a job; the basement was a mess. The crew worked very hard, staying one night until 9:45AM … The workers were quiet, courteous, and cleaned up after themselevs extremely well. I was very imrpessed with the quality of the work and with the work ethic of the crew.

– Karen
Richmond, VA

I would recommend you to anyone!

– Janet
Teaneck, NJ

We were away in the Caribbean during the monster tropical storm. When we returned and drove up the street, we saw several of the neighbors’ entire basement belongings out on the street to be trashed. However, when we arrived home, we found an entirely DRY BASEMENT despite the loss of power. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

– Robert
Westport, CT

I recently had my crawlspace waterproofed by your company… This certainly was a difficult job considering the headroom, access and residual water. The crew went right to work and continued for two days without evidence of any breaks, except for lunch. The crew was courteous, maintained cleanliness of the surroundings, and the completed job appears to be beyond expectations. I will certainly recommend your company.

– John
Cherry Hill, NJ

(We) would like to express how pleased we are with the treatment you provided to solve the water problem in our crawl space… the crew that installed the system did the work in a skilled, proficient manner and left the crawlspace and outside area clean… A few days after the installation was complete, we have six inches of rain in two days and the pumps did their job… Thanks again for an excellent job.

– John
Lewes, DE

I am writing a letter of appreciation for the work that (your) crew completed today at my home in Waverly, NY … Often we hear complaints about people and not often enough do we hear ‘Job Well Done’, ‘Thanks For The Hard Work’ … your company is lucky to have such a wonderful crew of hard working men…

– Melissa
Waverly, NY

…I wanted to let you know that (your crew) showed up promptly each morning and started working immediately … They were expremely cordial, well mannered, and accommodating the entire time. I was extremely impressed not only with their work but with their working knowledge … I believe they represnet your company well and do an outstanding job of portraying your coppany’s high caliber of workmanship.

– Mo
Arlington, VA

Rest assured we will recommend Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to our neighbors, friends and co- workers. We can truly say (that ours) is now the driest basement in town!

– David & Linda
Fredericksburg, VA

I just wanted to thank you personally for everything you did to help me with my basement waterproofing problem. I appreciated very much your sending (your service persons) to inspect the basement and explain to me what the problem was and how he proposed that Mid-Atlantic fix it. Not only was he patient and kind, but his expertise, especially since he worked with Kettler Brothers in the original construction of the houses in Montgomery Village, gave me a great sense of confidence in his advice…the service crew was wonderful, and I am so glad that they were the ones who came to do the work. They were polite and hard working. .. The crew cleaned up well and even cleaned the driveway where the truck had left some dirt tracks. I hope that you will let the team know that I recommend them highly, and that you will continue to trust them to do a superlative job with as many projects as possible.

– Roz
Gaithersburg, MD

Not only did you meet my expectations, but you exceeded them in many ways. After the major storm … my basement was a complete disaster … The work that your company did … was beyond what I had anticipated … I already have recommended you on a Baltimore list serve site and will certainly recommend you to anyone I know.

– Thomas
Baltimore, MD

I would like to take a few moments of your time to sincerely thank you for the extraordinary service that I received from your company … The problem was fixed yesterday, and I am completely satisfied with the finished product. Every business says that their customers are highly valued, but it is a rare company that will go to such extraordinary lengths to make sure that they really are… Thank you Mid-Atlantic…

– David
Silver Spring, MD

Last winter, we had basement waterproofing done by your company. We had researched other companies and chose Mid-Atlantic because the information on your website made sense to us and seemed to answer the questions that we had about the water problem in our basement. We had also heard your company mentioned on WTOP radio.

We have had periodic flooding primarily at the front of the house. The last and largest of the floods occurred on Mother’s Day 2008. There was so much water that we got too tired to finish cleaning up. The water came up through the cement floor and we couldn’t siphon it up fast enough. We went to bed and went back to finish about two hours later. Although it was still raining (although at a slower rate) the water had completely receded.

We didn’t understand what was happening because our home sits higher than our neighbors on all three sides. After going to the Prince William County offices we were informed that there is a laminar type flow pattern called “sheet runoff” which occurs directly across the front of our home and misses the homes on either side of us. What luck!

We met with your home inspector, Scott Summer. He spent a great deal of time with us going through our home, asking and answering questions – even the seemingly small “silly” ones. We finally agreed to have the work done before the end of the year and before the holidays. We had the Hydrotrack system put in and two pumps installed with back up batteries. Your workers worked quickly and efficiently without disruption. I did have to have someone come back regarding some minimal cement work.

Approximately two weeks following the installation we had another hard rain. We immediately ran down to the basement to watch the water as in poured into the pump collectors; but not into our basement. What a relief. We were going to be away for the holidays and now we had the peace of mind that we wouldn’t return to a wet mess. Now, the rainy season is coming as spring approaches, so we will be able to get the full effect of the work done by your company.

I had promised that I would write a letter of recommendation. We would recommend your company for waterproofing work. We look forward to working with you for any other concerns that we may have.

– Noel and Gail Byrd
Newark, NJ

I recently had the pleasure of meeting your company at the Long Island Home Show in Suffolk County and decided to move forward with waterproofing my basement using your system. I must say that from start to finish I was impressed with the way your company handled the process. Hazel made a great first impression and Chris followed up with a top rated product and services presentation. My wife and I are grateful to you both for your hard work and dedication to excellence. The ground work was done promptly and professionally along with the cleanup services. I am confident in recommending your services to anyone in need of waterproofing services. Thanks again for the great job.

– Kevin and Cheryee Davis
Hartford, CT

I would like to take this opportunity to express my views regarding the waterproofing job I have just experienced with Mid Atlantic Waterproofing.

To begin, the sales representative, Bobby Driskell, was friendly and informative. He spent the needed time to explain several options for correcting our water damaged basement. We were given a financial discount when we agreed to a stand-by status for commencing the job in addition to the coupon discount. That was most appreciated!

When the work crew arrived, Juan (the foreman) was polite, pleasant, and handled any questions I had while making sure he pointed out any existing conditions not covered by this job. The effort to protect everything from the dust was once again most appreciated. The men worked steadily, carefully, and cleaned up at the end of the day.

The next day while waiting for the inspector, the crew arrived and prepared everything to begin working as soon as the inspection was complete.

I would certainly recommend Mid Atlantic Waterproofing to anyone and would use their services again should the need arise.

– Margaret Darby
Yonkers, NY

I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your crew. The men displayed professionalism along with hard working – “No breaks” attitude. At one point, I ask them to take a break and stretch. Needless to say, they smiled and continued working.

I am very happy and appreciate how they did a wonderful job – went above the call of duty to do things right!

Mendoza was very kind, understanding and had patience with answering all of my questions. He made me feel very comfortable and secure with dealing with my crawl space issue.

Thank you again for all of your help. These guys were wonderful and highly recommended – I will tell my friends and neighbors.

– Chester Miles
Philadelphia, PA

I am writing on behalf of the work done on my basement by Mid Atlantic. My mother recommended Mid Atlantic to me and coming from my mom, that says a lot because she a perfectionist. I called Mid Atlantic (John Mackey) regarding the water problem in my basement and he was there 2 days later. He thoroughly explained everything I needed to know regarding the problems in the basement and also the steps they would take to fix them. He and his crew were out a few days later and completed the job within two days. The crew was great. They were hardworking and polite people. John even stopped by the next rainstorm we had to make sure everything was working as it should. I would surely recommend Mid Atlantic to anyone who is having water trouble in his or her basement.

– Stacey Ruppert
Baltimore, MD

I would like to express my appreciation for the work done in my basement by your company. Your salesman was very knowledgeable. He was very helpful with my problem and took the time to show me where the problem was coming from. I couldn’t move the thing in place. He took it upon his self and replace thing back in place and clean up all the trash that was left on the rug. My salesman was Mr. Julius Hensley. Thank you a person like him who also called and checked to see if that work was completed. The crew was courteous clean up all the things that had to be removed. Thank you again.

– Mr. Harrison E. McKinley
Philadelphia, PA

I am Lorraine E. Swetland, I employed your company to ascertain the damage that the water in my crawl space did to my foundation. I had left a message via the internet and before I could move away from the computer the phone was ringing. At that point I scheduled an estimate to fix the water problem under my house. The first person that met with me was Michael Mazur. He was very prompt for the appointment on November 1, 2008. He also spoke to me so that I could really understand the problem I had under the house. He was logical and explicate and gave me all the options that were available to me but he also listed the options in good, better, best. I liked that. He didn’t try to talk me into anything that wasn’t necessary.

Today, your crew showed up to do the work,. I was impressed with the fact that all the workers were extremely polite and got to work immediately. They did not lolly – gag around. Each worker new the specific part of the job they were to do and just got right in and worked efficiently as well as quickly. They all new the job so well that if I wasn’t told who the forman of the job was I wouldn’t have been able to pick him out. I was kept informed on the different steps as they were started and completed. They also took the pictures I asked for as they went along. I was also impressed at their expertise in answering my questions. I don’t have much outside work done on my house. I try to do everything myself but there are things I just can’t do. They are almost done when I just looked out the door. I just sealed my black top 2 weeks ago. I was not particularly thrilled that the only way to the crawl space was to have your equipment drive on the black top. Then I noticed that they ever brought a tool or truck on the black top. Impressed.. You Bet. Now that they are finishing up I noticed that they were sweeping and hosing off the black top. If you didn’t know it ahead of time, you would never know anything was done of this magnitude. Again I repeat… you have extremely knowledgeable, polite, mannerly, respectful, and treated my property like it was a mansion. Will I recommend your company… You bet will I show the before and after pictures… You bet.

In fact I took the day off today to be here… If I would have known this morning I really could have left them alone. Trustworthy… You bet. The Lt. I work for was wondering how this problem was going to be rectified. When he sees the pictures… they will be shown to all the guys there. They all own houses. I will be giving them your phone number for future reference for them.

In Closing… You have a great company and great workers.

– Lorraine E. Swetland
Queens, NY

A few weeks ago, my wife and I spoke with Steve Elicker of Mid-Atlantic about waterproofing our basement in preparation for a remodeling. We were impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the thoroughness of his presentation.

He laid out all our options to remediate the problem – a small but persistent water seepage during heavy rains – and made it much easier for us to make the decision we knew we’d have to make eventually: to deal with the problem now and deal with it right. We installed a dual pressure relief system.

Brian Rager was the production manager for the installation, and we couldn’t have been happier. He and his crew worked very hard and finished the job a day early. Brian was always courteous and eager to answer questions and when I asked that some concrete be made extra-smooth, he did it immediately.

All in all, we’ve had a great experience with Mid-Atlantic. We only wish every contractor was like these guys.

– Greg Addison
Easton, PA

We just want to tell you thank you for a great job that was done on my basement, on Tuesday, June 16, 2009.  My Laundry room and small bathroom and part of my den A 30ft. wall was leaking water from the foundation and coming up from the floor.  I called Mid Atlantic and Mr. Anthony Papariello came out to look at the job.  He explained to us what had to be done and to me this was overwhelming.  I did not know what to do.  Mr. Papariello worked with us to help us get a price that we can afford and that we can have the work done that was needed professionally and correct.  We are getting married in October so it was really rough, but he worked with us so that we were able to get the job done that we desparately needed before the basement got worst and the foundation damaged.  We really appreciated that.

The job was done in one day and the workers were efficient and cleaned up everything when they were done.  We were really impressed with the work that was done for us.

I would highly recommend Mid Atlantic Waterproofing for anyone’s water proofing problems.

– Kathie Kocsik and Dale Roberts
South Amboy, NJ

I would recommend anyone who needs to have their basement waterproofed to use the services of Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing.  I called and someone came out promptly, told me all that was involved in getting the moisture out of my basement and they were very knowledgable.

The crew that came was very professional, knowledgable, and very efficient in all that they did.  They were polite and extremely clean.  Every time I would sneak a peek downstairs someone was always wiping something up.  It’s very important to know that when work is being done in your home it doesn’t look like it and Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing gave me that peace of mind.  You can add me to your list of many satisfied customers.

I highly recommend Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to perform any type of waterproofing services that you may need.  You will not be disappointed.

– Genine Davis

On July 22, 2009 your inspector, Mr. Lloyd Hersch came to my house at the appointed time to look at the basement and to see what needed to be done.

I was impressed with Mr. Hersch from the moment I met him.  He is articulate, informed, precise, and not pushy.  I trusted his advice and liked dealing with him.

Mr. Hersch explained the entire situation, alternative remedies, and gave me his advice which I chose to follow.

I am impressed with Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing because of Mr. Hersch, but not solely due to Mr. Hersch’s professionalism.  I am pleased with the team which arrived at 7:20am on August 3, 2009 as scheduled.  The team which installed the water management system worked tirelessly until 10:30pm.  The manager of the team “Mia,” was responsive and took an active role in assuring that I was satisfied and comfortable with what was occuring.

Mr. Hersch represents your company excellently.  I have recommended your company to friends and will continue to do so.  My basement is drier and safer.  Thank you to Mr. Hersch.

– Christine Luoto Gallo
Bethesda, MD

I recently had one of your team members into my home for an installation on a problem that has existed for the last 50 years according to the inspector that came out.  I now can attest through a test of storm and many inches of rain, in a very short period of time hours after completion that the system is working well.  Concrete takes time to cure, thus when mere hours after the team left, it poured rain onto my 109 year old house,  I was very concerned.  I was up early the following morning down into the basement, found it dry, and without that musty smell I had come to associate with the old stone foundation.  From the very frank and plain spoken inspector, to the work finished, I felt that I was being treated with honesty and integrity.  The team arrived on time and was ready to advise and set up for work right away.  They were in a word wonderful!  Your product and your people do you credit.

– Leslie McCormack
Reading, PA

I am writing to complement you on your employee, Mr. Jay Morsberger.  Jay did an inspection of my downstairs and began explaining where my water problem was originating.  He was thorough with the education he provided me.  I had only one question when he completed his inspection.  “How Much?”  Jay was helpful with that question also.  I will definitely inform all of my neighbors to call

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing and ask for Jay Morsberger when they have water problems.  Since it is happening to my home it must be happening to the house next door which is at the bottom of the hill.

The crew Jay sent were friendly, strong, and hard workers that left my home in neat condition.  I would recommend them to anyone.

You can be proud of having Jay Morsberger dealing with your customers.  As I am composing this letter, it is raining and I am not worried anymore.  For me, it now means I never have to be nervous every time it rains.  I can listen for the Mid-Atlantic sump pump and smile.

Thank You!
Nancy J. Kowalski

– Nancy J. Kowalski, President-American Sign Language Interpreters
Rockville, MD

Dear Mid-Atlantic,

My husband and I want to thank you for allowing us to stake claim in a part of our home that we have never been able to use.  From the moment we made our appointment to when the job was complete, everyone we dealt with was professional, knowledgable, and made use feel comfortable and confident with the entire process.  Our initial appointment was with Jay who was wonderful to work with.  Also, Andrew Altman got involved in scheduling and pricing the job out.  He was great!  We were scheduled and had the job completed in just a week after the initial appointment.  The crew that came to our home answered all questions and didn’t mind my husband hovering around while they worked.  They worked quickly and were clean.  I want to thank everyone involved for allowing my husband and I to enjoy the one part of our home that we never knew.

Thanks Again,
Dawn and Kenny Cissle

– Dawn and Kenny Cissle

Dear Sirs,

I would like to thank the great team of Mid-Atlantic’s group of professionals that waterproofed my basement on May 3rd.  Starting with Mr. Jay Morsberger, the System Engineer, who inspected and educated me and my wife with all the important information of house waterproofing.  Also,  Mr. Andrew Altman for a wonderful price I could not refuse.  Last but not least, I would like to thank the foreman and his 3 man crew for their professionalism and their tireless work to complete the waterproofing basement project in 2 days.  The whole team was polite, respectful,  knowledgeable, and hard working.  I’m very pleased with the finished project and will recommend Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to anyone having water troubles.

Thank You,
Walter and Reba Eckenrode

– Walter and Reba Eckenrode

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I recently discovered water in my basement and there were many companies that I could have chosen to address the issue.  I contracted Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to perform work in my basement because of their qualifications and plans for my basement.  I spoke with other companies and the presentation that Mid-Atlantic put together in addition to their products was superior to the other companies.

Mark Arledge came to my house to do the estimate; he was professional, courteous, and thorough.  He laid out all of the options and helped my wife and I select the one that best addressed the issue.  He addressed all of our concerns and made sure we understood what was needed and how the Mid-Atlantic process addressed the problem.

I also spoke with Andrew Altman, Sr. on the phone and he was very helpful in working out the terms to complete the project.

On the day of the project, the crew showed up on time, was very courteous, and did an excellent job!  They covered all of the items in my basement with plastic to ensure that the dust from the work did not get everywhere.  They answered any questions or concerns I had.

Overall, I am very happy that I chose Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to complete work in my basement and I will recommend them to anyone I know who is experiencing water issues in their basement.


– Brett Bowen

We have so far been satisfied with our purchase of the waterproofing system through Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing. The company has so far made every attempt to correct any issues that may have come up. The gentlemen who arrived on the service calls have always been patient and courteous.

Thanks so much for your service,

– Adam and Jackie Mercer

On December 3rd 2010, our pump had to be replaced. We called the office and your service man Nick Konya, came at 11am and had a pump on the truck. He replaced it and was very efficient and nice. He cleaned up and checked the new pump to make sure it was working.

Thank you very much for the fast service.

– George Dubroski
I was very pleased with Sheldon’s visit today. He explained what I needed to know. I was very happy with the service he gave.
Thank you!

– Diane Nuris

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