What Causes Foundation Failure?

Why Home Foundations Fail

1. Evaporation
2. Transpiration
3. Plumbing Leaks
4. Drainage
5. Inferior Foundation Construction
6. Inferior Ground Preparation
7. Poor Soil Conditions

The shrink-swell soils that we have in the mid-atlantic allow the footings to move out of place. When we have high times of drought, the soil becomes too dry and constricts. When it becomes wet again, the soil expands and swells. If your soil is too wet, it may ooze out from under your home causing the house to settle and foundation to shift. Over time this causes cracks and, eventually, an uneven foundation. This can lead to cracks in your foundation, walls, and even roof!

As our weather pattern has changed and we’re having more extremes, there are less normal soil conditions. Very wet and very dry. If it gets too dry, your house drops. You’ll notice that your doors and windows begin to stick or become hard to open and close. This is an indication of a foundation issue.

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