Water Damage

Water DamageOne of the Most Serious Problems Encountered by Homeowners

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Consider the fact that your home may be the single most expensive investment you make. It is an investment used daily by the entire household, and one that you and your family value most likely more in terms of safety, comfort and peace of mind rather than dollars.

All is well until something as common as the Spring season with its abundance of rain disrupts that “taken for granted” comfort. It can turn your home into a disaster and become an endless source of frustration, discomfort and inconvenience.

What Problems Do Exist?

Problems can vary widely from minor issues to quite severe situations. Many common water problems can go undetected or ignored even as unnecessary damage occurs. That damage can, at times, necessitate investing tens of thousands of dollars or more to repair or replace what could have been corrected earlier with far less finances.

In recent times, multitudes of homeowners like you had to call in structural specialists to replace or reinforce basement walls that collapsed, buckled or separated. Many had to replace floors that suddenly seemed to cave in as a result of their being undermined by damage. In homes where basements were already finished, paneling, partitions and appliances had to be removed to correct any structural damage.

Although structural damage may not exist in every case, many homeowners experience additional hardships due to loss of living space; cabinets warping, bowing or rotting; appliances or other metal surfaces rusting; and walls, clothing or stored articles being ruined due to mold, mildew and fungus. Every home has its own unique circumstances. Contact Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing today and let our certified professionals provide a FREE home inspection to help determine what problems your home faces and a solution for addressing those problems.