How to Choose a Waterproofing Company or Contractor

While there isn’t just one formula for investigating the right waterproofing companies, there are helpful tips that everyone can benefit from using. They include:
  • References
  • Company history
  • Awards and certificates
  • License and bonded
  • Written contract


Any reputable waterproofing company will have references from their previous and current customers. It is one of the most common ways that potential customers hear about successful companies. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has testimonials that cover every aspect of our business.

Company history

Fly-by-night companies rarely have any company history. A reputable waterproofing company should have an established, verifiable history of taking care of their clients. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has been in business since 1965 with well over 100,000 satisfied customers.

Awards and certificates

Basement waterproofing companies that are leaders in the industry will have received awards and certificates showcasing their talents and ability to provide quality service for their customers. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has won numerous awards, including consistent recognition by Qualified Remodeler Magazine’s Top 500 specialty award since 1997.

License and bonded

Never hire any contractor who isn’t licensed and bonded. Every one of Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing’s certified installers meet all licensing and bonding requirements. Many of the warranties on the products used by basement waterproofing companies are voided if they are not installed by a certified professional waterproofing contractor.

Written contract

Written contracts are necessary to protect both you and the contractor. A red flag should go up anytime a waterproofing company suggests doing a job without having it in writing. Read every line on the contract. Look for any fine print and check the back of the contract as well. Every contract should include the details of the work being done, an estimate for the time it takes to do the job and the estimated cost for the work being performed. Always get any guarantees and warranties in writing before the job starts. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing will ALWAYS provide a written contract and has some of the best warranties in the industry.


Regardless if you need only a sump pump installed, crawl space encapsulation, or foundation repairs, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing has a proven track record that covers every portion of waterproofing. Contact us today for a FREE home evaluation with no obligations from you.  Our waterproofing contractors will inspect the inside and outside of your home and provide you with a working solution, including a written contract that spells out each detail for you, without any hidden agendas.