A Sump Pump Can Be the Solution to a Persistently Wet Basement

August 19, 2016 9:34 pm Published by Jane Azzinaro

Some leaky basements seem to avoid any lasting solution. You may patch all the cracks in the concrete, make sure the exterior ground is properly graded, and fix any plumbing problems but still find yourself with a wet basement after every good rain. Fortunately, Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing may have the solution in the form of a sump pump system. While a sump pump may not solve every problem, they can make a world of difference in some situations.

A sump pump system works by collecting water and pumping it outside. This is usually done by creating a basin or drain system to pool the water around the pump. The pump itself will vary depending on the specific situation, so it is good to consult a professional waterproofing company, such as Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing. However, in general, sump pumps work by pumping the water either directly outside or into the home’s drainage system.

Many homeowners do not believe that they need a sump pump system. Many experts recommend sump pump systems for any homeowner with a basement or subterranean level. Even if you do not live in a flood plain, you are still at risk for water in your basement due to sewer backups or plumbing leaks. A properly installed sump pump can mean the difference between a mild annoyance and a major problem. Remember, even a small flood can damage countless, and potentially irreplaceable items stored in your basement or lead to thousands of dollars in structural damages. You can never be too safe when it comes to flooding.

Some homeowners choose to try installing a sump pump as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, but most experts recommend avoiding that. This is for a number of reasons. First, sump pump systems seem simple at first glance, but figuring out the ideal location and drainage system can be very complex and is best left to professionals. Second, if you break it or tamper with it in the wrong way you may be left with an unusable sump pump with a broken warranty and, ultimately, more money out of your pocket in the end. While a poorly designed system will not hurt anything, it will not help much either. There are so many factors at play that consulting professionals is a very good idea.

Once you have your sump pump system installed, it will require some maintenance to run properly. Fortunately, this is a fairly small commitment. Most sump pump manufacturers recommend having your system looked at yearly by a company who specializes in sump pump installation, below grade (ground) waterproofing, or water management. The company will be able to perform a thorough cleaning and detailed maintenance without voiding any warranties that may apply. You will also want to run the pump every few months to ensure it is pumping correctly and the water is draining properly outside.

Having the right sump pump systems for your home is critical to avoiding a flooded basement and keeping excess moisture out of your home. Fortunately, there is a company that installs pumps, waterproofs basements and offers water management solutions: Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing. Contact us today to assist you in preventing water from accumulating in your basement.

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This post was written by Jane Azzinaro