Crawl Spaces Require Special Attention

August 19, 2016 9:29 pm Published by Jane Azzinaro

Crawl spaces are an alternate foundation method used on ground that is not suitable for a traditional foundation. Crawl spaces are often used in lieu of a basement.  They are too short to allow a person to stand upright, which is how they were named.

These spaces are recessed underneath the house to allow access to pipes, air ducts, utility lines and combustion appliances.  Due to the limited access and difficulty in performing regular inspections these areas are often forgotten about.

Due to the nature of these spaces they are very prone to moisture build-up and conventional methods of venting the crawl space are ineffective to fix this problem.  Building codes that were, and still are in place, call for a certain number of crawl space vents to be installed in each building.  Unfortunately, venting a crawl space can even increase the moisture level inside a crawl space.  Moisture can be trapped within the crawlspace.  This water can affect the flooring above, invade the home’s duct work and damage your foundation.

The one method which will reduce the moisture levels and protect your home from water damage is crawl space encapsulation.   This is a process by which the crawl space is completely isolated from the ground and outside air.  Crawl space encapsulation involves lining the entire crawl space area with a vapor barrier in conjunction with a water management system.

Not all crawlspaces can be treated with a full encapsulation system.  Maybe the crawlspace is too restrictive, or obstructions prevent the installation of a full encapsulation.  Exterior methods can be employed to manage the water that can enter the crawlspace, as well.  Structural damage, cracks in your foundation, also may occur and will need to be addressed.

Although crawl space encapsulation sounds like a relatively simple home repair you should always use a professional.  Remember 100% of your home rests on your foundation. A DIY project gone wrong isn’t worth the damage it could cause to your home.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing to give your crawl space the special attention that it needs. Our experts can talk you through our encapsulation process and the best course of action for your home’s needs.

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This post was written by Jane Azzinaro