Tips to a Homeowner

August 19, 2016 8:31 pm Published by Jane Azzinaro

Let’s face it. We’re not all that handy around the house. We may be great in some aspects, but not all. That’s when you as a homeowner sit back and realize it’s time to call in a processional.

If you have never hired a contractor before, you should be aware of a few things:

Avoid unlicensed home improvement contractors. Home improvement laws cannot protect you if you do. These people will approach you with a low price that looks mighty appealing- until the work fails and the contractor is nowhere to be found. This leaves the cost and mess on your shoulders.

Do not hire a contractor if you suspect that he lacks the proper skills for the job. The finished product will never be worth the price. You get what you pay for.

Never hire a contractor who you suspect violates building laws.

ALWAYS get a written contract before work starts on your home. It should state the date that work will begin, the type of improvements to be made, the type of materials being used and a payment schedule.

Carefully read everything you are expected to sign!

Always check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ensure that contractors you are considering are licensed, bonded and insured for work in your area.

Don’t put yourself in a poor situation. Protection can be as easy as you being proactive about what is going on in your home. You can rest assured that Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing complies with all local laws and have comprehensive contracts so you will never be faced with an unexpected surprise.

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This post was written by Jane Azzinaro